About us

At Theatre Loans, we owe a duty to our customers to be honest, offer excellent services and educate them on matters regarding logbook loans. We are cognizant of the fact that a lot of people out there make uninformed decisions out of ignorance and this explains why we take the issue of customer awareness very seriously. It doesn’t matter whether you do have a history of county Court judgments (CCJ’s), arrears, defaults or even bankruptcies. What we can assure you is that at Theatre Loans, our core responsibility is to assist you to avail a logbook loan your financial history notwithstanding.

We endeavour to provide you with affordable logbook loans, enlighten you on the benefits of such loans, the risks as well as the impact it has on your credit score in the long term. It doesn’t matter if mainstream financial lenders have denied you a loan in the past or if you have a history of CCJ’s. At Theatre Loans, we promise to stand by you and to approve your logbook loan application within the shortest times. The number of years we have been steadily offering logbook loans to UK residents is a testimony to the fact that we put the interests of our customers before our own.

We are determined to educate our customers and our professional customer personnel have been on top of their game in this regard. If you are struggling to avail a loan, visit us today and we can assure you that we will approve your V5 loan application within a couple of hours provided that you meet all the basic requirements.