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To be in a position where you can’t avail a loan on demand simply because your credit score is wanting is something that most of us dread. Unfortunately, the financial lending system is such that individuals with a perfect credit rating are given preference over those who seem to struggle. The result has been an increasing number of individuals feeling discriminated and demeaned. For the longest of time, getting approved for a loan facility when a person had a poor credit score was an uphill task. In fact, there were no guarantees and UK individuals simply applied and hoped for the best.

Then entered logbook loans and life has never been the same again. A logbook loan is in simple terms, a loan instrument designed for bad credit individuals borrowed against their car as collateral. It is a bad credit loan where individuals do not have to worry about the state of their credit score but simply have to sign off their logbook to get the amount of cash that they need. We are proud to say that as Theatre Loans, we have been steadfast in assisting and helping scores of bad credit persons across the UK avail a logbook loan, their credit score status notwithstanding.

Since we began operations in the UK, we have steadily climbed the ladder and have been able to offer assistance to thousands of UK citizens who initially could not avail a loan because of their low credit score status. As Theatre Loans, we believe that no single person, however bad their credit rating, should be denied an opportunity to avail a loan in this time and age. We understand that people's financial history do not necessarily define who they are or how they handle finances. For this reason, we endeavour to give our customers a second chance and educate them on the benefit of not only applying for a logbook loan but also the importance of repaying the same in time.

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We understand that there are many other logbook loan providers in the UK and you might be in a dilemma as to which provider to approach for a logbook loan. Well, here are some of the reasons as to why you shouldn’t look elsewhere but trust us with all your logbook loan needs.

Simply put, we endeavour to offer the best logbook loan services while ascribing to the principles of total quality management, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Try us today and enjoy affordable logbook loans that are unmatched!